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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

More Country Folk Art

  In my last post, I said that I was frugal. I should clarify that I'm frugal at times. And at other times, not so much. Several weeks ago, I had the idea of decorating our bathroom "country." Why the bathroom? I guess because it needed a paint job. Anyway, I had the brilliant idea of painting it a deep, country red. As we soon discovered, red is a very difficult color to work with when it comes to painting walls. In fact, we ended up doing three coats, and still didn't get the exact color I wanted! But I'm getting a little off track here. Since the shower curtain we already had obviously wouldn't match, I decided I wanted to make one. Why isn't this being frugal? Well, it probably would have been cheaper just to buy one, since fabric is so expensive. Not only that but, once I get something in my head, I go all out. I think of this that and the other that would add to the looks of the room or help with the clutter. Yes, I hate clutter. To tell the truth, I sometimes dream about having my own house some day and how neat and tidy it'll be. But, as nice as it sounds, I have a feeling I'll have more things to do than go around picking up books, throwing out papers, and putting things away 24-7. Because that's pretty much what it takes.
  Okay, so I did make my shower curtain, and surprisingly without a whole lot of difficulty. Of course, it isn't too surprising since I didn't measure as much as I should have. So it was a bit lop-sided in the end. The worst part of sewing is the measuring. If there wasn't any math involved, I'd probably do it more often. So when I do sew, I do as minimal amount of measuring possible, which doesn't always give the best results. But it's almost worth it, just for the sake of making it more fun.    
 When mom and I went to get fabric (in my opinion this is the greatest part about sewing), we really didn't know how much to get. And we ended up getting a lot less than what we needed. Fortunately, I found another pattern to add, besides the two colors we bought, from our stash of yard sale fabric (I guess all that cluttering fabric that takes up so much space in the closet can be useful after all). So at least we didn't have to go out and buy even more fabric.
Correction: A part of sewing
  So here I am, just starting the curtain and pinning the pieces together. And of course, that really annoying problem arose after I just started to sew. The fabric was wrinkling up and getting out of place. So, first lesson learned: pins aren't always such a good idea. Sewing certainly requires patience. After only about 10 minutes through, I had to break out the thread ripper. Not sure what it's called exactly. But, I'm calling it that (thought about finding out online, but I'll resist). Usually I have to consciously remind myself that one mistake made is another lesson learned. That seems to help keep me halfway calm, most of the time anyways. Alright, so shortly after starting up again, I screw up again. I don't know about everybody else but, that's just how it is when I sew. But thankfully,  mom's usually ready to help in such dire situations as these. =)
Mama to the rescue!
So now that I've got some help, I can start making progress once again. I like to finish my projects within, at most, a few days. I get rather uninterested if they drag out any further. I was able to finish this in about two days, and that I considered to be an accomplishment.
"Peaceful Ironing"
  I once thought ironing was a rather boring part of sewing, but now I can sometimes enjoy it. Especially when there's music in the background and if I do it in front of a window on a beautiful, almost-fall day. Then it can be almost peaceful, as strange as that may sound. 

Well, the rest of the way through it went fairly smoothly, so there isn't too much more to say. =)
Other than that I made button holes for the first time which was surprisingly easy and quick. All 14 holes differ quite a lot in size, as I was too anxious to hang it up and too lazy to measure. But you can't notice anyway once the hooks are attached, so I didn't worry too much about it.  
   Unique for sure and certainly not perfect. But hey, that's what homemade is...unique and certainly not perfect.

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