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Monday, April 11, 2016

Healthy Snacking

 So the other day I was making up this tasty treat, and just getting ready to dig in when, all of a sudden, I thought,
   "Wait! I need to write a blog post!"
 I quickly ran then to get my camera to snap some pictures before I helped myself to this yummy snack.

 Lately I've been really interested in coming up with healthy snaking ideas. Well, trying to eat healthier overall, but snacking is particularly important to me because, well, I like to snack. So I've been trying things like cottage cheese, fruit, and smoothies, which I was already doing, and I've discovered that I really love cottage cheese. But when it comes to fruit, I'm not too excited. I'm just not a fruit loving person, and there are so few it seems that I actually like. Apples I like well enough, but I like them much better with peanut butter(unless they're straight from the orchard, then I could eat them any way, any time).

 I actually saw this idea on Pinterest quite a while back, and as I was looking for some kind of snack it came to my mind. And I want to tell you that whether I eat my apples with all the toppings or not, I am always going to cut my apples this way! In my opinion it is sooo much easier!

 You can put whatever you want on these handy little apple slices, but I would suggest starting with natural peanut butter. I used to think, "Whatever, natural or unnatural. Doesn't matter." But it does. It tastes waaay better! Plus it's much more yummy and gooey from all the natural oil.

 Just in case you're wondering, I cut the core out of this slice with a tiny heart shaped cookie cutter. So that's another fun little thing you can do with these if you'd like. :)

 In the pantry I found some cinnamon granola that Laryssa had made(it also had cranberries but I skipped out on those), so I sprinkled some of that on each dripping apple slice. When I first made these we didn't have any chocolate chips at home(much to my despair) but they were still very good.

The next time I got to have my chocolate chips, making it even better!

 And you can't deny that these just look so pretty! So tell me what you think, as well as ideas for more toppings, and even other healthy snacking ideas!


Monday, February 8, 2016

Catching Up

Hey ya'll! Did you miss me? Oh my, it has been so long since I've written on here, ya'll have probably  already given me up for good. Well here I am, ready to blog once again! :)

 So, life has been kind of crazy for the past several months. Not necessarily busy, but just crazy. Laryssa, for one thing, is in a serious relationship, so I wouldn't count on hearing much from her, as she has been swept away into a lovers paradise! Sisters just have to pick on each other. ;)

 The other reason I haven't been blogging for a while is simply because I haven't been doing anything worth blogging about in a while. My creativity has been in hibernation for months! Though I have done a few simple things here and there that I can share with you now. So this post is just a chance for me to catch up on this and that from the past several months.

 For Christmas I got an awesome new desk, which I'm sitting at now to write this post.

  Yep, I'm very happy with my desk. :)

 You know, I just noticed all the horses in this picture! Haha! If I took a picture of my whole room it would make an excellent I Spy book, looking for all the horses scattered about the room. Just thought I'd throw that comment out there.

  Anyway, as you can see I have a few books on the side of my desk, some of which are for writing my story(which is still in a long, slow process), and there are two new ones I got for Christmas from my older brother. I saw this classics collection at BAM bookstore and fell in love with these books. Mostly I loved them for the covers(you know how I feel about pretty books), but I am interested in reading some classics. I had read A Tale of Two Cities in my last year of school and really liked it, so right now Laryssa and I are reading it together, which is so much fun! And I recently finished the other one, The Picture of Dorian Gray. Whew! What a book! It's a pretty intense read I'd say, with a very deep and serious story. If you've heard this story before or watched the movie, you know it's pretty dark. It really delves into the heart corruptions of the character and shows how dark and evil this world really is. So yes it can be kind of distressing to read, but for me, as a christian, it was still interesting because in this story you see the evil of man, and the hopelessness without Christ. So anyway that's what I've been reading lately.

 I have been doing some jewelry making as well. I made a necklace to wear as a bridesmaid in my brothers wedding, which is coming up in a couple of weeks! And for Christmas, I made my soon-to-be sister in law a pretty necklace. I wish I had a picture of it for you but I didn't think to take one. But I did make a similar necklace for myself afterwards.

 I loove this necklace! It's so simple but beautiful! Rachel's necklace has a different charm, a rectangular piece with the words "Blessed", which I think is the prettiest necklace I've ever made. She told me a number of weeks ago now that she wants to wear it on her wedding day! So it turned out to be a very nice, and special Christmas gift. :)

 I have also been doing some cooking lately. Not a lot but I'm trying to get into it more. As I'm sure you could guess, I made something Mexican. I'd already made fajita/quesadillas before, which you've seen on the blog, but I recently made just regular fajitas. Not to brag up my cooking, but they were so good! I cooked the chicken in the cast iron skillet, getting a good char on there, and then cooked up peppers and onions. Really good stuff. If you want to try to make these wonderful fajitas you can find the recipe I used here, Chicken Fajitas.

 Last night I helped my mom cook up dinner, and, believe it or not, I cooked something that wasn't Mexican! We had canned venison, which tastes a lot like roast beef(simply heavenly), with mashed potatoes and gravy, and some veggies of course. Anyway, it was actually the first time I made gravy! Well, sort of. A number of years ago Laryssa and I decided we were going to make some kind of steak with gravy, and having no idea how to really make gravy, we just threw all the stuff together and ended up with a sickening paste. Ever since then I've been meaning to learn how to make real gravy, and so I finally did it. It even turned out great(with my moms direction)! 

 Alrighty, so I think I've gotten caught up now.  Keep updated on the blog, I'm hoping to keep posting regularly. Until next time! :)