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About Us

Graduation Day

Our Story

It was June, 2014, when, after receiving our diplomas, we nervously stared at our future lives, wondering what would happen next. We knew only one thing, and that was that we wanted to be different. Different from the millions of other girls our age, doing the exact same thing because that was what everyone else did. Everyone else went to college to earn a degree. Everyone else was taught that they needed to choose a career and pursue it relentlessly. Because, after all, that's just what you're suppose to do, right?

 But wait? Isn't there any other choice? I mean, is a 3-4 year college term, followed by the boy-meets girl scenario, followed by marriage, and then followed by a huge, burdensome debt, the only option?! We were certainly determined that it was NOT our only choice, and that it wasn't the one we would make.

 We knew it wasn't going to be easy. After all, we were going to be swimming against the tide. And that is always easier said than done. We knew we would be seen as different...very,very different. Who isn't different who goes against the culture? But that is what we did. And we've never been more thankful for doing so.

 But why? What is it that motivated us to do such a thing? Well, in short, we both have a very great desire (and still do) to be a wife and mother, to raise a family, to teach our children, and to be a helpmeet. Naturally then, we wanted to prepare as much as possible for the future and for our future families. If one wants a career, she will go to college to prepare, to be educated. If one wants to be a wife and mother, she will stay at home to be educated. There she will see a real mother in action, watch a real marriage journey, and participate in a constant family drama. She will learn the ins and outs of what it means to serve her family and how it requires true selfless love.

 We believe that God has appointed a time and season for all things and that this new season of life is a gracious gift from our Lord and thus, it is very valuable. For this reason then, we desire to embrace and live it with great joy and thankfulness, and most importantly, to the glory of His name.

The Blog 

This blog is about our journey as daughters staying at home and preparing for our future, for our dream. We would love for you to come and join us as we share our many reflections of life at home, as well as our newest projects in the kitchen and the craft room!


As we learn and grow during this time in our father's household, there are many lessons to be learned, inevitable mistakes to be made, and so much wisdom to glean. Here we share our joys and our sorrows, our triumphs and our struggles. We hope you continually find encouragement and inspiration in our shared thoughts and experiences.

In the Kitchen

 Laryssa especially loves spending her days in the kitchen with her hands in some dough and always with a fresh recipe to try. She loves baking everything from breads to desserts from scratch. Also, she is a lover of natural foods and all things homemade(particularly from the kitchen), and is always hunting for new ways to eat naturally within a budget and to live self-sufficiently (mainly via gardening and canning). Here she shares her enthusiasm for good wholesome meals that the whole family will enjoy.

 Katlynn is a Mexican food enthusiast. If it's wrapped in a tortilla or if it goes with chips and salsa, she is bound to make it. If you're looking for delicious, tried and true, Mexican recipes, look no further! Katlynn also loves muffins of all sorts and would eat them for breakfast every day!

 When you see us in the kitchen together, it's most likely someone's birthday. We are the cake decorating duo at our house! After taking a cake decorating class, we both fell in love with it and started to make all the birthday cakes in the family. These we'll share with you, along with our favorite tips and tricks for decorating.


 Katlynn is a lover of DIY crafts and all things creative. She is particularly interested in jewelry making and clothing refashions and loves to share all her new and fun projects. If you're looking for new and fresh inspiration, grab your hot glue and scissors and join her as she shares step-by-step instructions for simple, clever creations!


 This is not an area of expertise for either of us, but something that we like to experiment with and that we are gradually learning to do. Laryssa enjoys sewing things for the house while Katlynn is fond of taking thrift store clothes and refashioning them to her liking.

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