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Friday, May 8, 2015

Wonderful Books!

  A week or two ago, Laryssa and I with our mom went to our grandmas to help her pack to move. She is a big reader, and has tons of books, most of which she was getting rid of now that she is moving. So we were packing up all the old books she didn't want to keep in a whole bunch of boxes to take to the Goodwill or the library.

  I didn't really care about getting rid of all these books, since most of them were romance novels, but she did have a huge collection of old Readers Digest books that were so irresistible that I couldn't let them go. Surprisingly I had never seen them there before, but I'm awfully glad I spotted them before they got sent off to the Goodwill.

  I couldn't keep all of them unfortunately(there really were a lot!), so I just picked out my favorites.

  I simply love the look of these books! The hardback covers on them are just so awesome!!

  I have never heard of any of the titles in these books, but I believe they are condensed versions of novels. I have no idea what they might be like but, hey, I need something to read anyway. I brought them home cause I love the covers, but, who knows, maybe they will be interesting reading.

 So book lovers, what do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments.


  1. Neat!! It's interesting, because I found a lot of those kinds of books at my nana's house too. :)

    1. Yeah, you never know what you'll find at grandma's house. :)