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Monday, September 22, 2014

Country Christmas Tree Ornaments

  I absolutely love country folk art (something I get from my mom). As that sort of thing can be quite expensive to buy though, and as I can be rather frugal, I'm trying my hand at making my own. My mom and I were walking one morning, and with the air being chilly, it got us thinking about winter, and then Christmas. She had the idea of decorating our tree differently this year...having a rustic Christmas tree. I loved the idea and got started with the decorations soon after. It isn't normal for me to be thinking about Christmas already when it's not even technically fall yet. But I was too anxious. So anyway, I decided to make these country Christmas tree ornaments.
 I'm not much of a seamstress, but I do like to sew off and on when I'm in the mood. I mainly like to work on household items. I've had my fill of trying to sew clothing. Then again, maybe one day I'll try again...who knows? Since I'll have to make a good many decorations for the tree (I only made five so far), I figured they should be pretty simple. As is often my habit, which isn't always a good one, I searched the web for ideas. I seriously count on the internet for everything...at least when it comes to hobbies. Nonetheless, I'm getting better I think. In fact, I didn't even follow directions for these! =) They were really, really easy and quite fun, especially when it came to mixing and matching the different colors. All I did was sew two triangle pieces together, stuffing it about three-quarters of the way through. After doing the same with the stars, I sewed them and the string onto the trees and hot glued the buttons. Fun, fun. =) 

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