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Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Hey there,
  Thanks for visiting our blog! All posts labeled "Katlynn's Page" are posts where I show you my hobbies and other things I like to do. I hope they will inspire you to try your hand(and your brain) at being creative, or just give you something fun and interesting to look at. I have a collection of hobbies that are all fairly different from each other, but probably the core of many of them is creativity. I inherited the "artsy" gene from my Mom and my Grandma, but with more of a twist. I enjoy drawing sometimes; however, my creativeness mostly takes form in jewelry making, slideshow creating, story writing, etc. In my "Katlynn's Page" posts I'll share these with you, as well as other various hobbies and interests, and maybe they'll help get your own creative brain waves moving ! :)

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