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Friday, April 17, 2015

From Short Dress To Long Dress

   Well, like I said I would, I've brought you some more clothing refashions. And here is the latest.

I actually made this maybe a month ago now, but I just recently decided to put it on the blog. I'll be honest, I was a bit worried about showing this to the world. I'm so new at this kind of thing and this was my very first dress to sew myself(Yes, I mastered my fear of sewing machines and actually enjoyed myself). It's not the greatest dress in the world, and I'm not sure if I'm actually going to wear it anywhere or not, but here it is. :) 

 Here's how I made it:

 I started out with a large tan dress I picked up at the Goodwill for five dollars. You could hardly call it a dress really, the length being more like a short night gown, so I imagined turning it into a shirt(By the way this picture was after I had already cut it shorter for a shirt). But there was a problem with this. Like I said the dress was kind of big, but it fit me in the upper body. It was around my middle that it was too large and baggy. I wanted to try to take it in some, but because of the seams in the front it would have been difficult.

So my mom suggested making a dress out of it by sewing on a skirt. I had seen ideas for that already and agreed it would be good. So I went to the thrift store and found a long, dark green skirt to match, and began making a dress instead.

I started by cutting the top even shorter so that it would be above my waist and at the point where it fit me the best.

I then cut the elastic out of the skirt, hemmed both pieces of the dress, and pinned them together.

  Then carefully(and a little nervously)sewed the dress. Like I said, this was my first time actually sewing with the sewing machine, so it didn't come out beautifully.

And when I finished the sewing I sighed with relief and went "Ugghh". It looked kind of funky, with the hem of the top making a little lip over the skirt, and I realized I probably should have done it the other way around. It was also very baggy and looked utterly ridiculous on me, until I put on the belt with it, which I had already planned. But of course it couldn't be simple and just work. The point at which the two pieces were sewn together had to be completely covered, but the belt didn't do this very well. It wouldn't stay in place and it looked terrible. So I came up with the solution to sew the belt in place and make it a permanent piece of the dress. And fortunately the belt I had already bought at the Goodwill was weaved, so that made the job a lot easier. :)

In the end then, it was an interesting experience and I believe it taught me a few things about sewing. :) And even though I'm not sure yet if I'll ever wear it anywhere, I do like the looks of this dress. It just feels like my style.

So I hope you enjoyed reading about my latest refashion project, and maybe even got some inspiration for your own creative refashions.

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