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Friday, February 13, 2015

Chip-Beaded Bracelet

  I had told my sister that I would make her a bracelet sometime, and after finding an idea online(I got it from here ), I finally set to making her one. The bracelet appealed to me right away, with it's pretty gold chain and chip beads, and as soon as I saw it I thought of Laryssa. So here is my latest jewelry project with some basic instructions so you can make your own!

 If you want to make this pretty bracelet you will need some chain(I like the gold color for this but you can use anything you like), a clasp, jump rings(I used two different sizes but that is just up to the way you want yours to look), an eye pin, and of course your beads.
 You will start by picking out your beads. I happened to have some chip beads on hand in various colors and Laryssa picked out the orange and blue colors to match a scarf that she has. But if you don't have chip beads, I'm sure this would look just as good with different kinds of beads.

 Put your beads on the eye pin with just enough room left to make a loop. If you don't know how to do this you can get some instructions here. Now I did notice that my piece was much smaller than the one I saw online, so I guess my eye pins were just smaller. Just take note that if your wanting a larger piece with more beads you'll need a longer eye pin. Okay, next the chain. As far as measurement goes I usually just wing it and adjust if it's too large. Or if you're one for more precision you could always measure your wrist, then measure your beaded piece, and the amount of chain you'll need to wrap around, taking into account the length of the clasps and such, but I find it easier to just make it a little large and then shorten it as need be. So separate your chain pieces, remembering that you will need it to be double the length you want.
 Now how I did mine was make the chain in a loop by attaching the two ends onto a jump ring linked onto my beaded piece. You could also do it the other way around, depending on what you think looks nicer. But since I was going to use smaller jump rings to attach my clasps, I figured the less chain I had to put on a small jump ring the better.

You see here the two ends of my chain are attached to the jump ring.

See how my chains are made into loops?

 For bracelets, I love to use toggle clasps. They look so pretty and they can be easy to put on with one hand if your bracelet isn't too short. To attach the clasp pieces put on a jump ring and attach them to the middle link of your chain loop. To be sure that you actually have one middle link, you might want to cut your chain with an uneven number of links. So there you have it! A fairly easy project really, especially if you already know what your doing when it comes to jewelry making. But if not, feel free to ask any questions in the comments and I'll do my best to answer. Happy jewelry making!

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