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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Iron Skillet Corn Bread

My Discovery of Cast-Iron Skillet Potential

 I was told that food sticks to cast-iron skillets...badly.

 Did a google search: "how to use cast-iron skillets?"

 Found that they need to be properly seasoned with oil.

 Did that; followed instructions.

 Started cooking with the cast-iron skillet...

...nothing stuck... 

Became a cast-iron skillet fanatic.

Will now be using it for EVERYTHING!! 


Including cornbread! I've seen pictures of it baked in cast-iron skillets and loved how rustic it looked! The dark background of the skillet really makes the rich, yellow cornbread pop! Cast-iron skillets make basically any dish so much more vivid and presentable.

 So I had to try it myself.

 Now I know how I'll be making cornbread from now on...

 ...and how often. =)


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